Mobile Banking App Testing




Need for Speed

One of the country’s highest-ranked financial institutions launched their own mobile and web application to service customers. However, their digital assets have started experiencing slowdowns affecting the customer experience – thus leading to an increase in customer complaints.


Our Role

Monstar Lab Philippines was tapped to help identify the problems causing the slowdown. A performance test and architectural review were undertaken. The following steps were executed:

For Load Testing

  • Monitoring tools were installed in all servers
  • Identified time-consuming operations
  • Load test was used to find the bottlenecks
  • HTML optimization to ensure optimal response times
  • Database setting
  • Network bandwidth

For Architectural Review

  • System capacity forecasting


The Results

With hard work, we were able to reduce average transaction times from 15-30 seconds to 3.7 seconds and make page load time 3x FASTER. We were also able to increase the number of requests the system can handle at a time; from 5 rpm Avg. Load to 38 rpm and from 12 rpm Max Load to 61 rpm (where rpm = request per minute).


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