Integrated Inventory Management System




Designing Innovative Management

A brewery company in Australia wanted to achieve efficiency and boost productivity with better inventory, delivery, and customer management. With the right amount of effort and meticulous planning, we came up with the perfect solution together – an integrated inventory management system.


Our Role

Monstar Lab Philippines developed an inventory system that allows the client to manage their products across different sites in Australia that includes the following features:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Efficient transfer of stock.
  • Easy ordering for customers (bars/events)
  • Product delivery ( scheduling, receiving/sign off via tablet)
  • Purchase transactions are integrated to accounting software.


The Results

As of the most recent data, our system has processed more than 65,000 orders55,000 deliveries made, 2,500 active customer users, and 100 active client users.


Inventory Management System Inventory Management System



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