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Signs Your Digital Transformation is Out of Focus

Has your digital transformation process been giving you a headache? Does it seem like it’s going nowhere? If you answered yes to both, there might be a problem with its core focus. According to, 70% of businesses have or are undergoing some form of digital transformation. And 70% of that have failed. Why? Because they have all committed mistakes related to focus; choosing to focus on single initiatives, prioritizing the what and forgetting the how, and giving a little more attention to competition than necessary. If you’re finding yourself conflicted on whether or not you see yourself going down the same road, here are the most identifiable signs your digital transformation is out of focus.

1. You don’t know what you really want.

If you’re not sure about your end-goal, on what this transformation is all about, you might as well put a stop to it. After all, a pointless process makes for zero progress. Assess your needs and identify what direction you really want your company to go. Once you’ve got that down, you’re well on your way. Moreover, knowing whether or not your transformation is consumer- or operations-centric, or both, will also help you arrive with a more specific objective and to follow-through more firmly.

2. You have no idea what the four main areas/dimensions of Digital Transformation are. 

If business process, business model, domain, and cultural/organizational transformation in the context of digital transformation are unfamiliar to you, you have to read up more on them and rethink your whole strategy. 

Simply put, your business model is the mechanism through which your business grows. Your business process is your road map for implementation. Your domain is what exactly you want to cover in this transformation. Finally, your cultural/organizational transformation is the “people aspect” and organization adjustments of the whole process. These are the very pillars of digital transformation. If you’ve yet to integrate them into the whole process, that might be the whole reason why things aren’t going so well. Alignment to these pillars is vital for any digital transformation process to succeed.

3. You followed a framework without proper evaluation of your needs.

Each digital transformation process is built differently. Ripping off a successful company’s digital transformation process will not work for you. Every organization has its own unique needs and an even more unique structure. Forwarding your battle using another person’s armour is bound to kill or at least wound you. Cliches aside, solutions for problems that are not yours and steps taken to another business path or direction away from your own are simply counterproductive. 

If all the said signs apply, you might want to rethink and restructure what you’re doing. A little faith, a lot of patience, and a ton of planning and hard work will do it for you. The results will be right if you get the process down right too.

Andrea Nalupa
Marketing Associate

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