Remote work woes

3 Common Remote Work Woes

Are your employees and your business caught up in the crisis? Transitioning into a work-from-home arrangement for the social distancing or lockdown duration? We know it’s not an easy set up on the get-go so, before you dive right in, here are three main issues you need to prepare for and tackle head on.

1. Unstable internet connectivity

Although there are 4.54 Billion people in the world who have access to the internet, the inclusion of your employees among them is not guaranteed. Nor is the stability of such a connection.

One efficient way to tackle this is by providing your team with access to a Virtual Private Network or VPN. By doing so, not only can you keep connected and continue smooth communication, you can also manage your connection privacy and internet access to suit your business needs!

2. Productivity obstacles

For most remote workers, there are numerous factors hindering productivity. May it be the physiological and online distractions, over comfortability, or simply the lack of motivation to work, there are and will be things that disrupt efficiency and productivity.

To avoid such issues hindering your process, a productivity app and clock-in software will prove effective and convenient. Applications such as Toggl and RescueTime – that allow you to plan, schedule, and manage tasks for and as a team, and Evernote or your own mobile note pad – that give you the convenience of easy and quick personal planning, are your best bet to organizing your efforts. This way, not only will your team be more mindful of deadlines and time management, you’ll also be able to keep an eye on you and your team’s progress without breaking a sweat!

3. Leadership shortcomings 

Roughly 4 out of 5 employees generally find that lack of leadership or conflicts with management style negatively affect their performance significantly. Problems with communication, lack of clarity in instruction, poor delegation, and overall lax supervision have made working – especially with a team, quite difficult and demotivating.

Although there is no one way to solve this, you can always try to communicate with your employees or colleagues on how they need to be led and how they can help you out too. An article we’ve recently shared, Digitally leading your team through crisis, more thoroughly discusses how situations like now can better be handled as a leader.

If you’re still not sure about how they receive and are affected by your approach, it’s best to ask them directly. Then, start planning how you can work with their input and your ideas. If you simply don’t have the time and headspace to ask them one by one at the moment, we’ve also jot down some perceptions and statistics on remote work in our article; Employees on Remote Work.

These issues are common, but they can be solved. Put in the right amount of research, time, and effort, and you’ll be seeing results in no time. With mindful and smart leadership, we can make working from home just as (if not more) stable and productive as office work.


Andrea Nalupa
Marketing Associate

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