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Best Practices For Creating Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are already considered a big part of our lives nowadays. For every activity we do on a daily basis, there is already an application that can assist us and can make our lives easier.

But are you wondering what it takes for a developer to create and provide us our daily applications fix? Below, we’ll discuss the different practices in order to have a successful application.


Before diving straight into development, the team including the designers, developers and all the people involved in the application should first conduct research. Research what kind of app you want to create.

By conducting research, you will have an idea of what would be the primary function of your application. Can this app solve any problem we encounter every day? Who would be your target users for this application? Is there a similar application available and what would make the users choose your application over the existing ones in the market?

Decide which platform you’ll be developing for first.

This decision will also become easy based on the research you’ve already done for the application. Based on the target users, you will know which platform those users commonly use.

Another factor is which platform the application would be easy to develop on. The goal of every new application is to release it to some users, if not to the general public, as soon as possible. The reason for this is that you will never make your application perfect, but you can continuously improve it by getting continuous feedback from initial users.

Keep it simple at first.

Usually, successful applications are apps that offer a single functionality. Applications with lots of mini-applications inside may confuse the users that will make them not use the app anymore. As mentioned before, you can still add more functions based on the demand of the users.

Get the opinion of the users.

Users will drive the direction of your app. Users are mainly the customers of the application. As a developer, a certain feature that you think is a great idea may not be that great to a large number of users. This will also guide the developers to plan for future releases.

By following these guidelines, you are already on a good start when you develop your new application. Good luck!

Roselle Elefante
Android Developer

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