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Java Training Program 2019: Completed!

It has been part of Monstar Lab Philippines’ tradition since its Ideyatech days to search for the next best developers in this part of the region through the Java Training Program. This has been going on annually since 2007 and have seen 10 batches produce top notch developers. The program’s graduates helped propel Monstar Lab Philippines to where it is today.

The Java Training Program starts with a pool of developers consisting of a variety of aspirants that may include fresh graduates to experienced professionals. They undergo several weeks of intensive training and series of exams. Each phase will inevitably dwindle their number down until only the cream of the crop gets through the entire program.

Yes, there were casualties but we have uncovered gems that became integral part of the team and contributed greatly to bringing great projects to fruition. 2019 is no exception, this batch has truly shown talent and potential.

Meet the graduates of this year’s gruelling Java Training Program:

  1. Alfredo Borja
  2. Bea Marasigan
  3. Christian Garillo
  4. Perf Clemente
  5. Sushmita Jadulco

Gabriel Valmonte
Marketing Manager

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Monstar Lab Philippines is the breeding ground of awesome tech talent and with programs such as the Java Training, we ensure the quality of developers we have in the fold.

Do you think you have what it takes to be part of this global organisation? Check out our careers page and we’ll see you around.

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