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Distance-Friendly Enterprise Solutions

If you promote remote work or need to make timely arrangements that allow your people to work without sacrificing their well-being as well as their income, these work-from-home-friendly enterprise solutions are definitely worth considering.

Customer-centric mobile application

Marketing and customer communication can be made easier with a customer-oriented mobile application. With large demographics turning to mobile technology, making the most out of a mobile application for providing excellent user experience as well as promoting your services or products will outperform more manual efforts. Not only that, it also saves you the on-ground time and costs!

If you work for or run a fitness center chain, for example, an app that could stream all your video advertisements and gym packages, as well as answer customer inquiries (along with many other custom functions) via the same platform will definitely boost your reach and improve your customer experience. And that’s not all. All these benefits can be enjoyed along with the money you’ll be saving from promoting elsewhere!

Operation-centric web application

Operations done at home are definitely different and harder to navigate than doing so in a single space or office. For easier supervision, smoother communication, and overall better efficiency, make use of a web application built for your needs. This way, managing your team and its operations can be done in a single platform and with more efficiency.

If you’re having a hard-time envisioning how this could help you, simply imagine this: with your own app, you no longer have to use multiple expensive tools for your daily process with your team. As you are able to pick out and plan the functions of your own app that may include (but may not be limited to) time logging, report submissions, task creation and assignment, productivity tracking, and whatever it is you’ve been looking for that other apps simply can’t offer, your own app gives you the freedom to perform and monitor your operations the way you need to without sacrificing efficiency. 

Centralized and real-time DMS

Documents are vital to any business. Refusing to make necessary adjustments for their better management at a time where access, sharing, and transfers of files are not advisable nor convenient, is simply commensurate to giving up. For faster, smoother, and better-equipped business, a Document Management System is a must.

To give an example of how it could significantly affect your business, here’s something to think about. Every business needs to keep records – whether it’s employee records, accounting audits, customer data, project contracts, or transaction reports. Likewise, every business processes these records on a daily basis; filing, transporting, uploading, downloading, editing, and sharing up to hundreds of them at a time. If only these things could have been done in a single and convenient application that’s accessible to every employee wherever they may be, you could imagine how fast, easy, and efficient it all could be.  

Convenient productivity application

If your web application does not provide this or you simply want to dedicate or use an app more focused on task and team monitoring, a productivity application will come in very handy. By allowing you to post clear tasks and instructions, keep tab, assign, share, and track such, these apps can make progress soar and can keep your colleagues in-check with their performance.

If you’re handling a huge team that’s been a struggle to keep track of and supervise, this might be the time to shift your system with this app. Tackling team management with a productivity application made for you will give you that balance of control and immersion you’ve been seeking, as well as the convenience of keeping your goals on track – all with a few clicks of a button. 

Online service monitoring software

Since major activities will be shifted digitally, a monitoring system of services for levels of availability and response time is essential to ensure that your Server Management plan is complete and minimal to no problems will be encountered. This way, interruptions and productivity decelerations can be avoided.

If you’re already in with the whole digital movement and have established your own website or mobile application accessible via the internet, this software is a must. If you want to be able to ensure that your customers will be able to visit, load, engage, and stay active on your site or app – all within the time length and parameters you’ve set, this software will definitely be your best friend. 

These enterprise solutions can make a big difference in the way you and your people are experiencing distance. These small steps can make you closer to your goals as well as to each other than you’ve ever been.

Andrea Nalupa
Marketing Associate

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