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Genuine digital transformation is not just overnight.

Digital transformation is not the same as a beauty makeover. A swipe of lipstick and change in your wardrobe simply won’t do the trick, no matter how pretty that makes you. Transforming your business digitally, if you really want to make it work, requires a lot of time and effort invested. But, that’s only because we want it to be worth it. Of course, all businessmen would want results in a snap. However, the truth is good businessmen would recognize that digital transformation couldn’t and shouldn’t happen overnight. And here are the reasons why.

1. Status evaluation and needs assessment shouldn’t be rushed.

Before diving into the whole process of picking and knitting digital transformation initiatives altogether, it’s crucial to know where you’re coming from and what you need first. Although we all wish we could do this in a single meeting and in a span of a few hours, it’s simply not possible and all the more not smart. 

The very start of your digital transformation is actually recognizing where you are now. Rushing that would only lead to failing to assess the goal, the gaps in the current strategies, and the needs your enterprise really has to address. And that’s never any good.

2. Planning and plotting takes time and should be reviewed repeatedly.

70% of digital transformations fail because of one of three reasons; they focus on individual initiatives, dwell on what those initiatives should be without thinking of how to do it, or obsess over their competition’s process. Don’t make the same mistakes. Considering your needs, the aforementioned strategy gaps, and your overall direction, select or devise a digital transformation plan FOR YOU that will forward your goals. 

This might sound easy if we’re talking about simply imagining it by yourself, but working with a timeline and a realistic budget implies more intensity, weight, and work. In order to really get down to business on this step, planning with a digital transformation team or partner should be done in the most detailed, well-researched, and hard-though process possible. Not only that, such a process should be made repeatedly in order to make sure that no details are missed and that all goals are fulfilled. After all, every great piece needs a little proofreading.

3. Execution is paced.

Depending on your needs, you will need to decide on your execution pace so as not to disrupt the existing growth and progress of your business. A 180-degree turnaround overnight, other than being impossible, is simply counterproductive. It’s just like standing up too fast from being comfortably seated and getting yourself a head rush. Ease into the transformation and align it with your current timeline. Going at it slow means going at it sure, and that’s really the only correct way to do it. 

4. Monitoring and maintenance should be done regularly.

Digital transformation does not stop at getting all your moves out and putting them on the table. Regular checks and necessary adjustments should be done and will make a whole lot of difference. Perhaps the longest-running and most repetitive stage in the whole process, this stage might seem a little mechanical shouldn’t be taken for granted. Although your plan and executions seem oh so flawless when you first take a look, there’s bound to be an adjustment you have to make when you take that second, third, and even last glance. Make sure your transformation process is always at its best by making a simple monitoring scheme and maintenance routine that works for you.

These steps cannot be done overnight but will not take you forever too. With just the right amount of time invested and the correct steps and pacing taken, you’ll surely see the well-earned results of your well-thought digital transformation. It’s well worth your time. You’ll see.

Andrea Nalupa
Marketing Associate

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