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MLPH Co-Designed GeneLife 3.0 App bags 2019 Good Design Award

Genesis Healthcare’s GeneLife 3.0 App, designed with our very own UI/UX designer, Katrina “Katy” Rada, was awarded the elite Good Design Award in 2019. Among 4,772 total entries and a crowd of more than 1,500 people, our team made its way into bagging one of the prestigious prizes from Japan’s 2019 Good Design Awards.

Together with the partner representatives – Michel Mommejat, CMO, Nadia Boudjella, UI/UX Design Manager, and Jerry Huang, UI/UX Designer, Katy accepted the award for GeneLife’s excellence in the 15-10 Application, Software for the General Public / Apps for Smartphones and Tablets Category. Katy described this experience as a personal highlight, exclaiming “The best part for me was meeting the GeneLife 3.0 application project team from Genesis Healthcare, Co. for the first time after six (6) months of working with them remotely and receiving the Good Design Award 2019 with them. I am very thankful to be a part of the success of this team and to represent my design team, Cosmik, and my company, Monstar Lab Philippines” in a recent interview.

Not only was this experience a memorable one for the GeneLife App Team, it was also an unforgettable and proud achievement for our Philippine office and global counterparts. The best part for Katy was definitely shared by more than just the attendees.

According to Katy, aside from receiving such an award, she also appreciated being able to see the work of other talented artists. In her own words, she quoted: “I was amazed that the contestants of this event are innovative thinkers by creating technology that would simplify the works of companies or industries. During the introduction of the best 100 winners, I find it mesmerising to see creations that look very simple, but knowing how it works would make you realise that what it does is actually mind-blowing (concept-wise).” 

With all that said, the honour brought to us by this recognition and the heightened appreciation we’ve gained for the craft translates into further inspiration and better motivation for the rest of us here at Monstar Lab Philippines. We’ll definitely strive to come back for more this 2020.

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