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3 Outsourced Tech Partner Must-Haves

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to look for support especially when it comes to tech development overseas. Potential outsourced tech partners are gaining more and more attention. Here’s a snapshot of how most enterprise managers source for their much needed software development partner. Open google, key-in “top software development companies” (or something like that), then click on search. The ever reliable search engine churns out a list (including actual lists), of top tech companies. This will serve as the initial pool of candidates as you pore over their credentials, websites and reviews.

A few good ones stand out among the rest and you make your final list of candidates to reach out to. Great! But wait a minute, before you lock in that final list or partner, stop and think if you have really considered every component?

Because sometimes with everything that we try to look at, we can miss out on the simplest yet important considerations for getting the outsourced partner perfect for our needs. We have just 3 simple things you can look as part of your criteria for choosing the best tech partner.


Since you are looking for tech partners outside of your immediate location, (or country perhaps), it is critical that we look at accessibility. It can be a combination of various aspects but the one thing we would want to focus on here is the time difference. The amount of time between you and your tech partner can define how you do your coordination, tech execution, and reaction to changes or issues.

If you have too large of a time gap, periodic coordination can become tedious to one or both parties. It will either be too early or too late in the day which can hamper productivity and even the quality of the meetings.

When it comes to execution and reaction time to address issues, a wide time difference can be very detrimental. You wouldn’t want to wake up in the morning to major issues, report it your tech partner only to be reviewed and resolved very late in the day (if at all). It can be difficult to communicate critical issues that need to be address immediately.

It may be wise to consider choosing a tech development partner who is within a maximum of 5 hour time difference from you. This is an ideal gap to work in and allows for flexible coordination opportunities and response time to issues.


Good and clear communication is key to any engagement or undertaking. But when it comes to technology project outsourcing, its importance cannot be stressed enough. You have to make sure that communication lines are crystal clear and that every aspect of the project is well documented.

It will also be beneficial if you find a partner that speaks the same language you are comfortable using, such as English for most people. If you can’t establish a connection due to language barriers, the success of the entire project hangs in the balance.


Competence and capacity to deliver is of course a MAJOR consideration. We often find ourselves asking “Do they have the resources? What about their track record in terms of projects completed? Or can they be trusted in the first place?

Your offshore partner has to exhibit credibility which may come in the form of several indicators such as years in operation, being part of a regional or global network, impressive projects undertaken and many more. Bottomline, they have to satisfy what it is you are looking for to make sure they are up to task.

Choosing the right tech partner can spell the difference between successfully launching your project and watching everything crash and burn. So save yourself from frustration and take these 3 items into careful consideration.

Gabriel Valmonte
Marketing Manager

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